Sleeping better on rainy nights

Two years ago, on a rainy day, my daughter called me one evening from her room – “mom, come here, I think there is a leak in our roof.” Sure enough, there was water dripping from the ceiling in one corner of her room. To be honest, I knew this day would come; our roof […]

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1 What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Is it a buzzword? Some of you may recall that when I first founded Spot On Digital Marketing the company was named Castillo Media Group. At the beginning of 2015 I decided to rename the company. I wanted a name that gives a better indication in regards to what we actually do. It took me […]

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How Realtors® use Infusionsoft to Create The Perfect SOI Nurturing Campaigns

As a Realtor ®, your sphere of influence is the most valuable part of your database. These people know you, like you and trust you. Given the opportunity, they will refer you to others. When it comes to email marketing, robust SOI campaigns should the first campaigns Realtors® establish. The good news is – when […]

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3 Ways To Use A Facebook Messenger Bot As Part Of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

In on of my recent articles, I discussed why you should be leveraging Facebook Messenger Bots. Today I thought I would expand on that article and discuss with you three specific ways you can use Facebook Messenger Marketing, to help grow your business. Lead Generation One of the biggest complaints we hear from Realtors® when […]

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3 Must-Have Features For Your Real Estate Website

One of the most exciting technological advances in Real Estate was the dawn of the Real Estate websites. Suddenly, a Realtor® wasn’t simply, “Jane Smith, local Real Estate Agent”, but Jane Smith, a Realtor® with online presence that had one more tool in her arsenal to promote her Real Estate practice, and her listings, getting […]

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Understanding Unsuccessful Websites

Warning! Rant ahead! At Spot On Digital Marketing, we have a mission — to educate small, local business owners on what it takes to have a successful digital presence that really does the work, by bringing in clients who are so crucial to the growth, and sometimes survival, of their business. This might sound a […]

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