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3 Must-Have Features For Your Real Estate Website

One of the most exciting technological advances in Real Estate was the dawn of the Real Estate websites. Suddenly, a Realtor® wasn’t simply, “Jane Smith, local Real Estate Agent”, but Jane Smith, a Realtor® with online presence that had one more tool in her arsenal to promote her Real Estate practice, and her listings, getting […]

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Understanding Unsuccessful Websites

Warning! Rant ahead! At Spot On Digital Marketing, we have a mission — to educate small, local business owners on what it takes to have a successful digital presence that really does the work, by bringing in clients who are so crucial to the growth, and sometimes survival, of their business. This might sound a […]

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10 headline-writing tips from around the web

The importance of headlines Headlines are the most important part of any publication, be it a blog post, a newspaper article or a free report you create as a downloadable asset in exchange for your customer’s email address – aka a lead magnet. A good headline can make the difference between a publication that is […]

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Spot Digital Marketing is Now an Infusionsoft Certified Partner

We are thrilled to announce we are teaming up with Infusionsoft to Help Small Businesses Succeed. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Spot On Digital Marketing is able to expand our digital marketing services by joining a community that’s focused on helping small businesses reach new levels of success. The Infusionsoft’s Certified Partner Program provides powerful […]

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Spot On Digital Marketing commits to doubling the size of 10,000 small businesses in the next 5 years.

Vancouver, BC – 15 May 2017, Spot On Digital Marketing, a Vancouver based digital marketing agency, announced today that they have joined forces with Austin, TX based company, DigitalMarketer, and committed to doubling the size of 10,000 small businesses in the next 5 years as a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner. We realize that in the constantly […]

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The free tool every website owner MUST use

Last week I was talking in front of a room full of small business owners about digital marketing. 90% of those sitting in the room have a business website, most of them however never heard about Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) In my opinion, EVERYBODY needs to use Google Search Console.  I feel so […]

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