Blog - 3/5 - Spot On Digital Marketing


You’ve created a lead magnet—now what?

So, you have created a lead magnet. You have created a tempting offer that will keep potential customers connected with your business. Congratulations are in order! But wait…the hard part has only just begun. You need to go out with your new bait and hook some subscribers. So what’s next? You’ve got some steps ahead […]

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Pain-free Navigation for a Relaunched Website

Case Study: Farabloc Development Corp Websites pose a big challenge to small businesses with products that can’t be explained in a fast sound byte or short sentence. Such companies need to quickly get across what they’re all about as soon as someone enters their site—and also keep visitors’ interest so that they don’t drop off […]

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Hate to say “I told you so”

Back in April, I wrote a blog post called “Why You Must Maintain your WordPress Website.” True be told, most of my thoughts in that post were based largely on theory. Little did I know, many of the scary things I mentioned in the article actually happened in real life – and to clients and […]

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Manage your online profiles and improve your business visibility

Why having a consistent, accurate business profile is crucial for your local business ranking If you want your site to ranking highly in search engines – particularly in your geographic area – then having a consistent, accurate business profile is crucial. You want your business data to line up across the web – your address, […]

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