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The free tool every website owner MUST use

Last week I was talking in front of a room full of small business owners about digital marketing. 90% of those sitting in the room have a business website, most of them however never heard about Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) In my opinion, EVERYBODY needs to use Google Search Console.  I feel so […]

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Manage your online profiles and improve your business visibility

Why having a consistent, accurate business profile is crucial for your local business ranking If you want your site to ranking highly in search engines – particularly in your geographic area – then having a consistent, accurate business profile is crucial. You want your business data to line up across the web – your address, […]

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Keyword Research – What is it and why it matters to your business

Market research is crucial to business success. It gives you valuable insight into what your audience wants, thinks and feels, and it also gives you the data you need to make powerful, lucrative and successful strategic decisions moving forward. Market research isn’t limited to just the sales and advertising areas of your business. In fact, […]

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How Investing in SEO Brings in Profits

For a small business owner, the thought of outsourcing anything can be enough to send anxieties through the roof. Another expense? Another chunk of the budget gone? While it’s true, funds are often tight for small businesses, there are some outsourced efforts that are simply worth the investment. Case in point: SEO. Though bringing in […]

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2 Sink or Swim: How Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Affect YOUR Website?

Earlier this year, Google made a big announcement: Its new algorithm would consider the mobile-friendliness of a website a major ranking signal. Now what does that mean in layman’s terms? Well, in a nutshell, it means that as of April 21 (when the new algorithm is released), Google will heavily favor websites with mobile-friendly layouts. […]

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